onsdag 22 september 2010

My father and the polar bears

My father has become old and loves to tell stories from the past. Me and my girlfriend visit them from time to time to eat a snack. Each time my father tells the same stories as we have heard them hundreds of times. But if you're used to having a life that means that you will meet many people and
suddenly they are gone and you only see your wife then you are living on memories.

He worked at the circus when he was young. At that time, they was still wild animals in circuses. They had even polar bears.

One day he came walking towards the animals stalls and saw two little boys at the polar bear cage. He ran towards them and shouted at the boy closest to the cage to move. Just as he screamed the polar bear got hold of the boy's arm. The boy screamed heartbreaking that they would help him. More of the circus staff ran up, they tried to pull him away.Daddy got hold of an iron pipe and struck the polar bear but it was not possible. Before they could prevent it the polar bear had grabbed the boy by the arm. Even today 60 years later dad dream nightmares about it. He can not see a polar bear on TV without to dream that night.

He was the tent master which meant he was responsible for demolition, transportation and setting up the tent. The course also required some strength to it and they often had arm wrestling and other strength tests in order to impress each other. One day, they had a new guy who would't hit the tent poles, however he did not manage all way down.My dad finally get tired of watching and saying to the guy: Now you see how a real man uses the sledgehammer. He bet and strikes, but miss the pile but not the foot. Must be aware that he had a terrible temper. So none of the men dared to laugh but my mother could not contain himself. So little mother stood there and laughing as tears ran and all the men stood and smiled a bit silly. After he got to hear the taunts how a real man does things.

He has also had two lion cubs. The lionmaster could not keep the kids in his group so Dad took them over. It went well and how they were kind whatsoever with my father, but one day his sister came into the ring (cage) where my father was with the lions. They went immediately to the attack against her, so Dad had to intervene and the otherlionkeeper had to help to get her out of there. After my father realized that he could not keep them so they were sold to another circus.

Must admit I have always been a bit proud that my dad had the lion cubs not all have had it.

Even my mom has hers tales from the circus. For example, not telling you the story of the tent poles in quite the same way by them.

But my mother always used to go to the animal accommodation each day and give the horses and elephant sugar. The elephant was standing at the bottom of the house, so mom started always at the horses. One day, she had given the horses, but had too little sugar, so when she arrived at the elephant it was over. She showed up his empty bag of sugar as a result of that elephant is totally crazy. she tries to break free and go on maternity. After that day my mom could not go into the stables for elephant was crazy. 15 years after they left, the circus came to town and they went there. Mom goes into the stables and there was an elephant. It looks up sees mom and going crazy. Keeper rushes forward and have full BIG JOB to calm the elephant, mom had to go away so the elephant did not see her, when it calms himself .They could not join the demonstration that night. The ranger asks mom if she met the elephant in the past and she tells the story when he understands why the elephant gone mad at the sight of Mom.

I think I should listen to their stories with a bit more understanding in the future and rejoice in what they have experienced.

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